All you Need to Know About Kriti Kharbanda


Kriti Kharbanda is an Indian film actress who has worked in Kannada, Telugu, and Hindi language movies. The actress was born on October 29, 1990, and has received a SIIMA Award as well as two-time nominations for the Filmfare Award South.

Kriti Kharbanda was born in Delhi before her family moved to Bengaluru in the 90s. She loved performing from a very young age and appeared in many advertisements and modeling campaigns as a young girl. She continued to work in TV commercials and as a model during her high school and college.

The actress’s commercial for Spar was the turning point of her acting career. The Director, Raj Pippala, selected her from 150 beautiful girls who attended the same audition.

Everyone knew that Kharbanda and Pulkiy Samrat had been dating because of all the rumors. Still, it finally took a few months before any of them admitted their relationship in public. The 29-year-old explained the reason behind not making their relationship public that she wanted her parents to know first about her dating someone, and that it takes some time to get comfortable to talk about everything.

Remember when Hina Khan said on Bigg Boss that south Indian film creators only cast chubby actresses in their movies? That caused a lot of heat. Kharbandi said that she had great respect for Hina before she made her remarks. She added that she is furious, and that’s not how Hina should’ve talked about the industry.

The actress also holds a diploma in the craft of a jewelry designer. Even though she is a successful actor, it seems that she still wishes to be a jewelry designer in the future when she stops acting in films.

About her age, she thinks of it as a number. She believes that as long as a person has the passion and stamina, they keep going. Kharbandi is also a very straightforward person.

Since her debut in 2009, Kharbandi has worked in over 25 films in just about almost 11 years, with her most famous work being Shaadi Main Zaroor Aana (2017). The actress has the worth of over a million. Her apartment alone in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India, has a net worth of around $1.5 million.



Q1: Who is Kriti Kharbanda?

She is an Indian actress who has worked in Telugu, Hindi, and Kannada languages. She made her debut in 2009 and has worked in more than 25 movies since then. She was born on 29 October 1990 and is currently 29 years old.

Q2: How much Kriti Kharbanda got paid for Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana?

The actress said she was so excited to work in the movie that she didn’t even discuss money. She just went with the flow with whatever price the filmmakers quoted. She said she took a pay cut because she did not get paid as much in her last few movies.

Q3: Where was Kriti Kharbanda born?

Kriti Kharbanda was born in Delhi on 29 October 1990. After that, her family moved to Bengaluru.